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In September 2017 I made a career decision and have not looked back. I’m all in baby!

I launched The Green Scene Podcast the largest global Cannabis industry podcast called, The Green Scene Podcast. Each podcast (with a secured audience through partnerships of over 30MM) cover’s the politics, people, and the business stories inside the Cannabis world. We are working to destigmatize the exciting industry by bringing the real stories with an educational element.

You can listen on anywhere podcasts are listened to.

Follow along with me, and let’s have fun growing one of the most exciting industries I’ve ever been involved with. @jeremyszafron

F250 is a workhorse

As we wait for spring to arrive on the West Coast (still waiting!), I recently had the pleasure of securing the new Ford F250 Super Duty to help me with a few errands. At first glance, this truck is huge. LIKE REALLY BIG. It isn’t until you’re in the driver seat that you begin to feel like you can do anything. 

To give you an idea of the size, my first errand was a two-hour drive East of Vancouver where I had to load the F250 with over 300 litres of an organic soil supplement as a favour to my parents. This was an easy job, and the weight just seemed to improve the ride. I was also able to load most of the jugs inside the rear cab (it’s also massive). This vehicle is designed to take on any job, and that it did. It’s worth mentioning that this pickup truck offers a very quiet and smooth ride despite its size, because Ford’s TorqShift six-speed automatic transmission works well on this big rig. 

Even though I didn’t have anything to haul, I appreciated the piece of mind of knowing that I could haul a load up to 21,000 lbs (or the optional diesel engine with a maximum towing capacity of 32,500 pounds). This feature is what makes this workhorse a huge competitor in the market. 

Once I was back in the city, the vehicle was surprisingly agile. People naturally stay out of your way, but for a truck this size, it was also pretty easy to drive. Ford offers up to six different exterior cameras to provide you with the best possible parking experience. I was even able to get into a tight spot in the neighbourhood of Kitsilano which earned me a bit of an audience.

Ford put a lot of test miles on this new truck and you can tell. No matter what brand of pickup you are loyal to, the Ford F250 Super Duty is likely to win you over. I loved it.

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