I am a Canadian-based broadcast reporter and producer. I created The Green Scene Podcast. TGSP is the top global cannabis podcast, approaching the issues from an independent perspective: fact-based journalism, getting the 5 W’s of the cannabis industry to our audience so they can make informed decisions. http://www.thegreenscenepodcast.com

I create content of all topics. I recently hosted a highly rated international web video series called Spotlight. Spotlight was an online current affairs show that aimed to inform a global audience and generate support for opinions on different topics reaching over 30 million individual subscribers.

As a reporter, it is my job each day to stay abreast of current events, thoroughly research and interview anyone from athletes to celebrities and thought leaders in order to create educational and compelling stories that resonate with a range of audiences. I have experience covering anything from politics to entertainment, and yet my most fulfilling work has always been telling stories that are educational and promote the exchange of ideas and dialogue.

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